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Electric Blue Crayfish


We are currently out of stock of all crayfish.





The shipping cost of each order of Crayfish is 22.99 for USPS express.  All express orders are guaranteed alive and in good condition.  Crayfish ship very well.  Buyer must provide proof of death and be willing to pay for shipping again to receive a new crayfish in the rare event that one would not make it.  An e-mail must be sent stating the shipment did not arrive safely within 1 hour of delivery.  When receiving 2 or more crayfish, each will come in its own container to protect them in the process.   Most all shipments happen on Mondays to ensure the crays don't get left in limbo over a weekend.  There are certain restrictions concerning shipping crayfish to the following states:  California, Minnesota, and Arizona.  Please contact me directly for information about which crayfish can be shipped to each of those three states.  All orders have to be shipped by overnight mail.  Its the only way to ensure the crayfish survive, and we won't risk their lives to save money.   






Note Concerning Photos

The photography on this website is designed to show you what your crayfish will look like.  They are not the actual photos of the creatures you will receive.  Crayfish often change colors when they moult, so the specimen you receive may be a different shade than the one you see in a picture.  Sometimes even two crayfish the same age can look different from one another.  The photos are intended to let you see what yours may look like, please don't be upset if it is not identical. 




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