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How To Care For Your Crayfish

v     When and how often to feed your crayfish:  Your new pet should be fed once daily, but not too much at a time, feed your crayfish just as much as they will eat in a few minutes.  They need far less food than most people think, about 4% of their weight a day is usually more than enough.


v     What to feed your crayfish:  Feed him/her a mixed diet, including some commercial shrimp/crab pellets, as well as a mixture of frozen fish foods like krill.  They seem to appreciate and enjoy some green foods like spinach, peas, and lettuce.  How would you like having pizza every single day?  It may taste good once, but variety is the key, your crayfish would agree. 


v     General health:  Good water quality and a varied diet is the best way to get beautiful color out of your crayfish.  Their color is directly related to their environment and feeding and if kept well they produce good colors each time they moult.  If they are healthy and the conditions are right then they will most likely try to reproduce.  Here's how to tell them apart.




v     Cautions:  Be careful about the creatures you put with your crayfish, they do best in a species aquarium.  They have been known to eat smaller fish on occasion, and can also be eaten by some larger fish.  Also know that crayfish can climb tubing, plants, etc, so the back of your aquarium should be sealed in some fashion.  I find it best to put tubing and plants further in the front where the opening is already sealed.  Make sure and have adequate filtration and aeration, as a crayfish underwater will die in time without it as the oxygen leaves the water.  






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