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      Electric Blue Crayfish



Electric Blue Crayfish (Procambarus Alleni)

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Procambarus Alleni

Common Names:  Electric Blue Crayfish, Blue Crayfish, Blue Lobster


v     The average size is anywhere between 2-7 inches long.


v     The general life span for the Alleni is up to 5 years with proper care.


v     Housing considerations:  these crayfish like to burrow and hide, so providing caves, or rocks in their tank allows them to be more comfortable.  They need a water temperature ranging from 65 F – 75 F. 


v     These Electric Blue Crayfish are native to the Florida Everglades.  The reason for their blue pigmentation is that they lack a gene that would give them the more “normal” brown coloration.  They will remain blue all their life; the exact shade of blue may vary from one crayfish to the next.  These crayfish are known to breed and have babies in home aquariums provided they are well taken care of.  Once the female is incubating her eggs, it will take nearly four weeks to hatch and then they stay on the female for 1-2 weeks.


v     Sexing your crayfish is easy; the males’ claws are generally larger and more elongated and when turned upside down he has two claspers near his vent that look like hockey sticks.  The females’ claws are shorter and more rounded and she lack the claspers.





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