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When I was a little boy, I loved hunting for crayfish.  Now that I'm "mostly" grown up, I decided to turn that love into a small business.  Welcome to that experience.


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Why Have A Crayfish?

  • Crayfish are super fun creatures to have in your home aquarium or pond.  They are very active, and have a personality all their own.  You can choose what sex you want your crayfish to be.    
  • Crayfish are great at cleaning the bottom of an aquarium.  They use their many appendages to pick thru gravel and substrate getting all the junk you wouldn’t want there.     


Listing of Crays on this site

Here are the different kinds of Crayfish you can find information and/or sales concerning:

Procambarus Alleni "Electric Blue Crayfish" 

Procambarus Clarkii "Red Swamp Crayfish"

Orconectes Propinquus "Northern Clearwater Crayfish"






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